Sep 26, 2013

Use EFT for weightloss

Losing Weight Fast with EFT Tapping Therapy

Last week we talked about how to lose weight with EFT tapping in a group setting, at the Radisson Hotel in Mumbai. The participants of the event were all generally older people, who are obese and suffering from sever health complications such as diabetes, knee & hip pain, and spondylolysis within the neck and lumbar region of the vertebrae. These are people who have been unsuccessful at losing weight, and they do not want to fail any longer.

During the presentation of the program, I used examples from my EFT coach Carol Look and her website, where she write about how “Janet lost 52 pounds, in nine months using tapping therapy and using weight loss scripts” such as:

“Even if I don’t deserve to lose this weight, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even if I never lose this weight...”

“Even though I don’t want to give up my best friend, food...”

The great part about Janet’s weight loss story is that she didn’t need to follow strict dieting or excessive exercise plans like Zumba dance or highly aerobic exercises such as high intensity interval training. This means that just by eating, normally and healthily and going about her normal activities, Janet was able to lose extra weight with the help of EFT tapping.

It is not fair that you should have to suffer with a large unsightly belly. You should not have to do the hardest workout on the planet just to lose one or two pounds a week. The effect on such consistent failure with typical dieting methods simply leads to increased anxiety about weight loss, as well as unhealthy emotions that can affect your wellbeing. The truth is, not everyone should have to submit to such intensive routines just to get healthy, and there is an easier way.

I have taught the emotional freedom techniques to others and shared some of my favorite weight loss scripts with elderly people in the hopes that they would benefit from the sound advice. I let them know that this was probably the best way to lose weight for anyone above 60 who has arthritis, or any other movement impairing disabilities. After speaking with many of the participants, we also agreed to have periodic evaluations made of their progress.

Here is a great video about Losing Weight with EFT, created by my friend Ingrid

Okay! Now let me share with you some good, solid background information about emotional freedom techniques that will help promote your health and well-being.

In the 1960’s, therapists John Diamond and George Goodheart introduced a system of new therapeutic practice methods which involved tapping along the body’s meridian. The idea grew from the knowledge that certain parts of the body are considered pathways, which can regulate the body’s flow of energy. Two decades later, Gary Craig is redefining the methods and developing what he calls the  "Emotional Freedom Technique" also known as, tapping therapy.

Tapping therapy for weight loss will also require your focus for the important issues that you will be addressing. You should begin by reflecting on the specific behaviors you exhibit when you are eating, especially ones you would like to address. For example, you may list a typical snack food, a situation that causes you to want to eat, or a feeling that triggers a session of overeating. Some have said that being obese is caused by having an addiction to food. You should attempt to determine the root cause of your addiction to food, whether it is a Cortisol hormone imbalance or a lack of confidence and willpower to transform yourself for your own benefit.

Dr. Peta Stapleton's has also reported to us about this topic from Australia’s Griffith University. At the International Congress of Applied Psychology in Melbourne (July 2010), he has shown that EFT helped many participants lose weight successfully. However, until now there has been no conclusive acceptance of her findings from the medical world.

Why Does Emotional Freedom Therapy Help with Fat Loss? – Three  Key Reasons Explained

EFT is a wonderful method for reducing cravings for snacks and sweets and can help you to reduce binging. EFT provides a means for handling emotional and eating issues as well.

Being fatigued will increase your sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Give in to these cravings and you will notice your metabolism slowing down, causing your body to go into fat storage mode. EFT can improve the metabolism to help you shed extra fat.

Managing stress is important. Stress and worry as well as emotionally related weight gain is a common problem today. EFT tapping therapy can help you manage your stress in order to reduce it significantly, while finding an emotional balance.

The best part is... EFT tapping techniques are natural, easy to learn, and fun to perform! It’s a true self-help tool that can really change your health and your life for the better, in so many ways!
Are you interested in practicing EFT for your own quick fat loss?

Here are Seven  steps you can try for a slimmer and healthier you! 

Using the tapping therapy at home is easy and quick! 

1. You should start EFT treatment with 10 /12 deep breathing to relax your body and mind. Focus on the feelings, which trigger your eating habits such as, "I need to eat sweets when I get upset."

2. Follow the weight-loss affirmation scripts. A phrase often used in EFT is "Even though...I have this food craving... I deeply and completely love and accept myself." Repeat these affirmations as you are tapping on various points.

3. Tap all of the tapping points using your index or middle finger. Tap the top of your head with all of your fingers.

4. Now, repeat the EFT technique and try to hone in on the different feelings that are blocking you from losing weight successfully such as craving second helpings, eating when you are angry, lonely or fears about losing weight, and other feelings that may arise.

5. Maintain a diary to note your changes in thoughts, diets and moods.

6. Practice your EFT therapy daily, focus on your feelings towards eating and weight loss.

7. For the best results, use a simple diet, drink lots of water and maybe try Yoga, daily.

In extreme situations, you can Matrix Reimprinting (MR) under the guidance of experience therapist if you are not getting good result with standard tapping sequence. MR is an enhancement (although an extremely powerful one) to the EFT Movie Technique, a process that Gary Craig used often.


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In summary, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Psychological acupuncture is a form of energy psychology, a technique used to shift brain patterns, according to David Feinstein, PhD, the author of a fact sheet for the House Veterans' Affairs Committee. Here are other useful articles on emotional freedom techniques

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