Nov 2, 2013

EFT for Financial Abundance

8 Secrets  To Achieve Financial Abundance With EFT

Recently I had the chance to speak with Nick Ortner, a New York Best-Selling author. Nick share some insights with me on how he became financially liberated in just a few short years with Tapping Therapy.

Here is what he had to say: There are right and wrong ways to get wealthy. First however, in order to feel as if you have financial abundance and freedom, you must also change your inner-self. Here are 8 steps that you won’t find from financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman.

1. What is Financial Abundance? (Capitalize your titles!)

Financial abundance is a mindset.

A financial abundance means that you can afford to enjoy your extra wealth or resources in order to enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle without being greedy. A life balance with wealth accumulation along with philanthropy is great option.

2. What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

Sometime ago, I attended an Anthony Robbins seminar where he asked some profound questions about financial freedom and abundance. He asked us,

  • “Does it mean freedom from having to work, yet still being able to enjoy your life with no concern for money?”
  • “Does it mean having your life’s essential costs covered, so you no longer are concerned with a house or car payment?”
  • “Does it simply mean you will have more time to do the things you really want to do?”

3. What Are Generally the Biggest Challenges?

Fear and greed.

4. Four Simple Steps Towards a Financially Free Road

  • No amount of money will every make you wealthy.
  • Do not spend all your time trying to figure out methods to becoming wealthy.
  • Take action without fear or doubt that you may not reach your goals.
  • Know that the secret to true wealth is gratitude.Feel wealthier and be happier.

5. 7 Secrets You Can Use to Achieve Further Financial Freedom

  • Overcome your own limiting beliefs about financial abundance.
  • Take time to develop a strong character.
  • Trust yourself to do what is best for you.
  • Be less sensitive to criticisms.
  • Create a value for others.
  • Pick a career that you love.
  • Recognize, accept and embrace your own value.

EFT for financial abundance
Temporal Tap

6. How Can EFT Help You?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are useful tools that can help you remove the emotional blocks that are preventing you from achieving your goals. By tapping on certain meridian points on the body as you concentrate on emotional disturbances, the energy will being to flow again and you will experience relief. Your beliefs, emotions and energy all have a large impact on the results you can achieve. One of the many outcomes of practicing EFT is that it can assist with Financial Abundance.

By using EFT for Financial Abundance you can let go of your finance worries and anxieties about you future. After a little practice, you too will begin to feel good about your ability to be financially successful in your life, and your business. If you are ready to eliminate a huge number of negative beliefs about money and the way we treat it then you must learn more about EFT for financial abundance.

Once you have focused on clearing out the blocks around your income, debt, spending, lifestyle and successes, you can foster the strength within you to change your attitude to a positive one, and move closer to you monetary goals.

7. How to Use EFT Affirmations for Money and Wealth

Here are some helpful affirmation lines for focusing on your own personal change and ridding yourself of negative mantras by turning them into positive ones.

  • It’s easy to become successful
  • I am going to get a raise
  • My time is worth (amount), a respectable amount of money.
  • I will attract wealth and abundance.
  • I deserve to be rich
  • 8. How Much Would it Mean to Meet Your Goals?

Emotional Freedom Techniques for financial abundance provide a risk free way to boost your success and experience, a new way to view your life. There is no point in just gathering tools that have the ability to change your financial situation, without balancing the energy within yourself to tune into the abundance of money available, and the knowledge to manage it.

If you are just tired of nothing having enough money, time or success, watch the video below where Carol Look talks about her philosophy on abundance and shares some tapping techniques with you. Using these techniques can help you align your abundance goals right now.

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