Sep 23, 2013

EFT Tapping News1

EFT tapping news from Eastern Cape by Maria

1. Dr Monique Y. Wells, Multipreneur and productivity expert shared her idea on "inner game" of productivity using tapping therapy in an article "tapping into productivity" at She explained how we can use emotional freedom technique (EFT) that requires physical tapping on several of the body's meridian points to get rid of frustration, stress, or anxiety -- due to feelings of uncertainty about being capable of achieving our goals or worthy of the results of that achievement.

2. Work-related travel  is a fact of life for military personnel on temporary duty as well as for many working military spouses. Traveling for your job can involve challenges that you don't face at home. Whether you'll be away for just a day or two or for much longer, it's important to know how to manage stress while you’re on the road to help you stay healthy and productive.

3. Dr. Kiya L. Immergluck from eft-tap will teach you EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques),  suggests substituting negative inner speech with alternative positive statements. Think of mindset as that little voice in your head. It either gets you through a challenge by building you up and cheering you on—or makes simple tasks impossible by chanting insults and discouragement.

4. Cathy Vartuli explains in "From Struggle to Abundance… Are You Ready?" that once in her life where she was hiding in her car because she was afraid the bank would repossess it. Money can’t create friends or connection, but the lack of it makes it hard to travel and see people in different parts of the country, and the worry around money can make it hard to relax and enjoy the people close to you. She explained for eft tapping technique helped her to clear up old beliefs and traumas around money, abundance, and savings. She started to have fun with money.

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