Sep 26, 2013

EFT News 3

How EFT can help you to overcome fear of flying?

Have you been wondering if there is an easy way to overcome fear of flying so you can visit those exotic holiday destinations you've dreamed about? Overcome fear of flying 01 Maybe there are friends and family you would visit. Or business trips you would enjoy more if you could just get over the fear of flying. Whether you have to fly for business or pleasure... click here to know more

Kathy Atkinson on Chakra healing with EFT

When I first began working with EFT, I experimented with using the process to clear and balance my chakras. Every time I went through this series of EFT sessions, I was left feeling lighter, freer, and more balanced. I have used this series of Chakra Clearing sessions with one-on-one clients and in groups with wonderful results. 
Click here to know more about Chakra healing

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