Nov 2, 2013

EFT for pets

We were familiar with pain relief for dogs using acupuncture and acupressure.  We started using EFT to help our beagle dog for arthritis pain relief once we learned gary craig’s tapping therapy. Later we used eft therapy for our parrot also.  We got good result after regular using it.

Here we'll share our experience on healing pets using emotional freedom techniques

If you notice that you pet or beloved companion seem to be suffering, consider using tapping therapy to remedy the situation. You may also take help from eft practitioners/coach so that you and your pets has good initial experience.

Here is a video by Michelle on how she used EFT therapy on her dog

There are multiple ways that you can use Emotional Freedom Techniques for your pets. 

The first option includes tapping on the pet physically; much like you would for yourself or someone else. Use the major points like the top of the head, side of the eye, under the eye and more. Phrases to use during this time can be simple such as naming the issue.

The second option is to tap for your pet as a form of surrogate tapping. This tends to function the same way, as surrogate tapping for another person would be. EFT is quick and effective for pets, including larger animals like cows, and horses.

By using EFT to change the unwanted behaviors of your pet you can begin building a lasting relationship with your companion. If your pet has anxiety for fears like hiding during thunderstorms, or bad habits like peeing inside or chewing up shoes, emotional freedom techniques for pets can resolve these issues painlessly and easily.

Please visit to download picture along with descriptions on  animal tapping points like dog, cats, horse.

How Proxy Tapping is Effective For Pets?

When you perform EFT to help a pet, obviously, the one focusing attention is you, and you direct it toward the animal you’re working on. As soon as you do, your energy system connects with your pet’s energy system. It’s the connection of the two energy systems that allows you to make changes in your pet or other animal without actually handling him.

We also applied surrogate EFT  successfully for various other dogs, African Gray parrot & macaw . You may read the article from   Ann Castro from Germany to know how she used eft & related affirmations for parrots.

In summary, EFT for animals can be used as alternative medicine for pets health problem but NOT substitute for veterinary treatments.

1. It is a completely harmless, natural, non-invasive therapy. It has proved beneficial in dealing with a wide range of issues in all kinds of animals.
2. EFT can be used in conjunction with veterinary treatment and behavior modification.

Please consult expert before taking any steps. And, consider this article on emotional freedom technique for pets for information purpose not a complete solution.

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Share below your idea ,experience or question on on healing pets using emotional freedom techniques.

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