Jun 19, 2014

The Power Of Reiki Symbols

reiki symbols and meanings Why You Should Practice Reiki?

Reiki is another good tool for stress management. I was suffering from financial anxiety for sometime. I was thinking various options for stress relief. I met with Christina Galvez  and ask is reiki good for stress.

In response I received my first Reiki treatment.

I was so excited with the result that I took complete training and after a regular practice I became a Reiki healer. 

I started using  Reiki treatment for various treatments report relief of symptoms from numerous health challenges, including mental health issues. I use Eiki in hospitals for cancer patients for  the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, as well as relief of chronic pain.

Here is a video on Reiki Video Session

What Is Reiki?

Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan, a Japanese Buddhist that was a very proficient hands-on healer. Although this is considered an oriental medicine, any person that is attenuated by a Reiki Master with the symbols can tap into the same power to heal. Understanding that healing is about entering into a state of perfect equilibrium, the energy that flows from your hands simply brings balance back to a person. Since energy and matter, as proven by science, are intricately connected, by manipulating the energy flow within people, you can also affect a physical change.

Two Types Of Reiki

There are actually two types of Reiki that are commonly practiced. One is called traditional Japanese Reiki. The other is referred to as Western Reiki. The primary difference between the two is that traditional Reiki is more intuitive, where the healer will place his or her hands in locations where they believe the energy needs to flow. Western Reiki relies upon a very systematic way of placing your hands on a person's body in order to effect a change.

Reiki Symbols Revealed - How the Use of Reiki Symbols Can Transform Your Life

Reiki symbols are used to compliment the practice of Reiki. These symbols are believed to help you achieve a higher state of awareness, thus opening your mind and enhancing the flow of what is known as Life Force Energy, which serves as a door opener to this desired raising of consciousness. One way the practitioners or Reiki use them is to show them to you before beginning the session in order to implant the image in the mind. Then, by meditating on the symbols, you will empower them to help achieve their intended purpose. See the video on how Reiki symbols work

Reiki cannot harm anyone, it can only do good! So an untrained person trying to use the Reiki symbols will not cure you. But you won't be any worse off, because Reiki cannot harm you. Therefore, the fear that the Reiki symbols would fall into the wrong hands is no justification for all the secrecy.

Why Reiki Works?

The reason that Reiki is able to help people heal is because it is able to tap into what is called Ki. This is also called Chi in China, and has many other names in culture's worldwide. In essence, you're tapping into the spirit of the universe, the energy from which all things have originated. By doing so, you are able to remove yourself from the situation, and allow the internal dialogue, or your perception of the world, to pause just long enough to allow the energy to flow through you. By doing so, you will be able to access the healing energies of the universe and the Reiki symbols can help you achieve this. As a result of becoming attenuated by a Reiki Master using the symbols at all three levels, you will have a higher chance of becoming a more proficient healer.

Does Reiki Work For Everyone?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. It does work for everyone, but depending upon the situation, it may not.  We can only try our best to give people the best possible chance to recover from their illness, or injuries they have sustained, yet that does not mean that Reiki does not work if what you attempt to do fails.

I am Alfred and my wife Sema provide free Reiki healing  in Milimani area, Nairobi.

Nov 9, 2013

Stop Smoking Tips

How Can You Stop Smoking Cigarettes Naturally? 

Would you like to know more about quitting smoking naturally? Are you afraid that you’ll turn to a
Smoking Means Burning Money 
harmful substitute?

Have you tried Zyban and Chantie only to find out that these products are affecting your brain chemistry?

Perhaps your boyfriend has recently switch to e-cigarettes to get rid of smoking, but later, you find find out that his intake of nicotine has increased.

Even gums, lozenges and inhalers do not work, and now you’ve likely picked up a new habit as well.

Are You Wondering How I Know All Your Secrets?

I too was forced to experience this frustration when I began working with my husband to stop his 30-year-old smoking habit. He was quite a heavy smoker, it was terrible! It took him 6 months to finally rid himself of the addiction, but thank God! He hasn’t had a cigarette since November 2007.

He no longer suffers from bad smoke odors and morning cough issues. He’s started to appreciate my cook more since his ability to taste and smell has returned to normal. I do not have to clean ashtrays or butts anymore. That was so disgusting.

Our quality of life has gone up so much, and we’ve even benefited financially, by saving $3500 annually.

We recently formed “Good Bye Bad Habit” in 2009. A group dedicated to increasing awareness about issues related to smoking, quitting smoking, and the means to interrupt other bad habits. As a group, we have saved several hundred years of life and several thousands of dollars, just in the last 4 years.

Top Four Reasons for Smoking

First, I like to ask every person aspiring to quit nicotine, “Why do you smoke?” This is an important question because if you don’t know why you’re smoking, you’ll never be able to give it up.

Here Are the 4 Most Common Responses

“I smoke because it makes me feel like a celebrity...”

“I smoke because I like the sound of a lighter clicking or the sound of matching rubbing against the matchbox, and the smell of the spark.”

“I smoke because I enjoy the taste of tobacco.”

“I smoke because it looks smart and I can pretend to be an intellectual while I gesture with a cigarette between my fingers.”

If you want to quit smoking, you need to discover the reason why you smoke.

Let’s See Why the 5 Most Popular Tips to Quit Smoking Don’t Work.

Will this mean that you can’t quit smoking?

No of course not! I assure you, you can certainly quit smoking, and it’s quite easy.

Here are 5 tips for a life without cigarettes INCLUDING ALTERNATIVES (like Nicodemon)

To break a bad habit and establish a new one, it’s critical to understand your brains processing system and work with it, rather than against it.

1. You will need to replace a bad habit like smoking, with a better habit than quitting cold turkey.

Why does this work?

Here, you will take baby steps, which require less mental effort to change the patterns of your habits, instilling change slowly rather than reconstructing it entirely and all at once.

What Should I do?

Start doing exercises such as walking, jogging or swimming. I find that these activities help keep my mind off smoking.

Change your diet. Foods like meat make cigarettes more satisfying. Focus on a diet with cheeses, fruits and vegetables to help rid cravings.

Drinking alcohol, tea, and coffee makes cigarettes taste better. If you start drinking more water and fresh fruit juices, you will soon see that cigarettes really taste terrible. Cranberry juice is excellent and a bottle will cost you less than a pack of cigarettes. It will also help you to remove the alkaloid nicotine from your body and help stabilize your blood sugars for the first 72 hours.

Try to eat smaller portions of food and eat them more frequently.

2. Make a Plan and substantiate the plan with 3 strong reasons for you to stop smoking. The cause could be financial, such as higher insurance premiums, or perhaps your kids need to see he doctor or maybe you’re interested in feeling better and having vibrant health. This offers you the necessary mental trigger, which will keep you motivated.

3. I Recommend Counseling, from either your personal doctor or from a telephone hotline for those who wish to quit smoking. You could also use FDA approved medicines like nicotine replacements or prescription medicine if recommended by your general practitioner.

4. You need to use Visual Affirmations of images that will evoke positive feelings. Whenever an urge comes to you, you ought to take a deep breath and focus your mind on this particular visual image(s). You can also use guided imagery to visualize your lungs growing healthier and healthier each day. Try to imagine breathing in nice clean air, then clearing it out along with other toxins in your body.

5. Use Emotional Freedom Techniques – By using a technique called “tapping”, touching your fingertips to specific points on the body, you can release emotional feelings that you may not even realize you are harboring. Once these pathways of energy are flowing, once again you can frequently “tap” and recite specific phrases to change your persona from that of someone who carries negative energy and a sad spirit, to someone who is jubilant and refreshed. You will soon feel an incredible rush of release and the force you need to complete your goals will come to you.

Dr. Carol Look Psychotherapist  & EFT master explains how EFT an help you to kick bad habits like smoking cigarettes 

Emotional Freedom Techniques are akin to psychological acupuncture. EFT helps people release their fear of letting go of cigarettes and nicotine. Positive affirmations help you to push through these symptoms of withdrawal to succeed in the cessation of smoking.

A Small Secret on How to Stop Smoking

The most difficult part of quitting smoking, is that it is easily available, and always at an affordable price.

You can even borrow cigarettes from friends if you really wanted to.

Smoking tobacco is a physical addiction as well as a psychological one, so its blatant availability is the biggest challenge for those who wish to quit smoking.

I hope you understand the challenges and will begin to make your own plan for how you are going to manage this desire.

How We Plan and Prepare People Who Join Our Group

1. We teach and work with people for the first four steps, for a week, creating a plan to quit smoking and a reasonable timeline for completion.

2. We explain the health benefits over the first week, the first month, and the first year and for ten years after quitting nicotine.

3. We offer assistance with the use of EFT as emotional support for the process. People who use EFT regularly have a higher success rate when they use it to quit smoking.

I am eager to hear from you about your quit day, motivation and plans. Leave a comment below and I will answer your questions within about 48 hours.

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Disclaimer: We are non-profitable group and services are voluntary. This article only represents what we experience. We can’t guarantee anything. You may follow these suggestions based on own risk and judgment.

Nov 2, 2013

EFT for Financial Abundance

8 Secrets  To Achieve Financial Abundance With EFT

Recently I had the chance to speak with Nick Ortner, a New York Best-Selling author. Nick share some insights with me on how he became financially liberated in just a few short years with Tapping Therapy.

Here is what he had to say: There are right and wrong ways to get wealthy. First however, in order to feel as if you have financial abundance and freedom, you must also change your inner-self. Here are 8 steps that you won’t find from financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman.

1. What is Financial Abundance? (Capitalize your titles!)

Financial abundance is a mindset.

A financial abundance means that you can afford to enjoy your extra wealth or resources in order to enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle without being greedy. A life balance with wealth accumulation along with philanthropy is great option.

2. What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

Sometime ago, I attended an Anthony Robbins seminar where he asked some profound questions about financial freedom and abundance. He asked us,

  • “Does it mean freedom from having to work, yet still being able to enjoy your life with no concern for money?”
  • “Does it mean having your life’s essential costs covered, so you no longer are concerned with a house or car payment?”
  • “Does it simply mean you will have more time to do the things you really want to do?”

3. What Are Generally the Biggest Challenges?

Fear and greed.

4. Four Simple Steps Towards a Financially Free Road

  • No amount of money will every make you wealthy.
  • Do not spend all your time trying to figure out methods to becoming wealthy.
  • Take action without fear or doubt that you may not reach your goals.
  • Know that the secret to true wealth is gratitude.Feel wealthier and be happier.

5. 7 Secrets You Can Use to Achieve Further Financial Freedom

  • Overcome your own limiting beliefs about financial abundance.
  • Take time to develop a strong character.
  • Trust yourself to do what is best for you.
  • Be less sensitive to criticisms.
  • Create a value for others.
  • Pick a career that you love.
  • Recognize, accept and embrace your own value.

EFT for financial abundance
Temporal Tap

6. How Can EFT Help You?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are useful tools that can help you remove the emotional blocks that are preventing you from achieving your goals. By tapping on certain meridian points on the body as you concentrate on emotional disturbances, the energy will being to flow again and you will experience relief. Your beliefs, emotions and energy all have a large impact on the results you can achieve. One of the many outcomes of practicing EFT is that it can assist with Financial Abundance.

By using EFT for Financial Abundance you can let go of your finance worries and anxieties about you future. After a little practice, you too will begin to feel good about your ability to be financially successful in your life, and your business. If you are ready to eliminate a huge number of negative beliefs about money and the way we treat it then you must learn more about EFT for financial abundance.

Once you have focused on clearing out the blocks around your income, debt, spending, lifestyle and successes, you can foster the strength within you to change your attitude to a positive one, and move closer to you monetary goals.

7. How to Use EFT Affirmations for Money and Wealth

Here are some helpful affirmation lines for focusing on your own personal change and ridding yourself of negative mantras by turning them into positive ones.

  • It’s easy to become successful
  • I am going to get a raise
  • My time is worth (amount), a respectable amount of money.
  • I will attract wealth and abundance.
  • I deserve to be rich
  • 8. How Much Would it Mean to Meet Your Goals?

Emotional Freedom Techniques for financial abundance provide a risk free way to boost your success and experience, a new way to view your life. There is no point in just gathering tools that have the ability to change your financial situation, without balancing the energy within yourself to tune into the abundance of money available, and the knowledge to manage it.

If you are just tired of nothing having enough money, time or success, watch the video below where Carol Look talks about her philosophy on abundance and shares some tapping techniques with you. Using these techniques can help you align your abundance goals right now.

EFT For Good Parenting

Tips On Positive Parenting Using EFT

good parenting with EFT
Being in a family is like living in a hotbed of emotional intensity. In this post, you will learn the role EFT can play in good parenting, tapping for kids, child anger management and surrogate EFT for infants .

Karen, one of my fellow EFT coaches, recently shared a personal story, explaining what led to her trying the Emotional Freedom Techniques. In her first session, she told me “You know Maria, my daughter was being so creative, that she gave herself a haircut. She looked as if a propeller airplane had buzzed around her head several times. I became crazy and dejected.”

She continued to explain that she had even gone as far as to spank her daughter for the event, because it was three days before Christmas and they were planning a family reunion. Her husband was also quite upset over the incident, and it turned out to be terrible experience over Christmastime.

Keren continued telling me “Also, my in-laws decided they were going to visit at the same exact time. I began to fall into a depression because I was sure that my mother in law was going to think of me as a bad mother.”


Keren had the surprise of her life. Her mother in law simply laughed after seeing her granddaughter’s hairstyle, grabbing a scarf and wrapping it around her head.

This created a large realization for Maria. She finally understood how everything that was causing her stress and depression was a result of her own fear and emotional issues. She figured out that for she would need to take control of her own emotional well being, which is very important in order to commit to positive parenting.

This trigger for Keren started her on her path, and she began researching on the internet for answers to her issues. It was there that she stumbled upon EFT tapping therapy. Keren also started to practice EFT for parenting to check her emotional level and to learn how to stop acting out of guilt.

Emotional Freedom Technique for Kids and School Children

There are many reasons why kids and school-aged children can suffer from the effects of stress early on in their young lives. For some, this can cause issues of fear or anxiety about performing normal tasks. On some occasions, the fear is related to common causes like speaking in front of a large group or having to take an exam, but emotional freedom techniques can be taught to kids and school aged children, helping them cope with these feelings.

Once your toddler or preschooler moves up to a larger school, they are going to have lots of spelling and math tests to deal with, a month other subjects that are equally stressful. Kids and schoolchildren are thrust into the environment and told that they should be social and interact with classmates. This can be terrifying for kids or small children. Practicing Emotional Freedom Techniques can ensure that your child is the best student he/she can be, because they are not fearful of participating in the classroom, and learning new things. Teaching a child how to participate in EFT is a skill that they can carry with them, and apply, for a lifetime.

Here are some great tips on "How to incorporate EFT into your life?"

EFT for Kids: Things to Know Before you Begin

1. Children do not typically come with the vocabulary to be able to express their emotions and thoughts the wan an adult can. You need to help them, learn to express themselves in constructive ways, give them some space to talk about their own emotions without fear of repreimand, and teach them how to resolve them.

2. Try to use language your kids will be able to understand and try to avoid taking a lecturing tone. Help them advance their vocabulary during these times by asking them about any good or bad thoughts they may have had. Try to determine if they may be suffering from any traumatic events.

3. Respect your children, as you want to be respected. This will improve their confidence. Let them know you appreciate their efforts during the EFT sessions.

4. You can teach your children to do their own tapping, motivating them to practice. I suggest that kids practice for around 2 minutes.

When dealing with EFT for students and children, be sure that you test often to identify the intensity of the situation before, during and after tapping. Then, when you have determined the proper tapping for your child or student, set up statements for them so that they can have positive reinforcements for the goals that you set together. Ask that your children repeat your actions

The success of the healing will depend on regular tapping on various points, along with affirmation statements. If you need to, you should make a few appointments with a therapist in order to address any critical or chronic issues.

Video on EFT tapping for kids


How to use EFT  for children anger issues?

Affirmation plays a major role for the management of kid’s emotions. Teach them early to start with a global statement, but gradually, focus on the specifics. A proper script is very important in order to address the root causes of the anger issue.

Here is a great  video I think you will find useful  children anger issues

When to use surrogate tapping?

Sometimes children can resist tapping, even when they know how to use it and it has worked for him in the past. You ought to try surrogate tapping for your child in this scenario. You can use surrogate tapping for kids also.

Overall, with EFT you can remove limiting beliefs about ideas and about who your children are. Help them unlock the potential of what they could be. EFT will open your heart up so that you are able to love your children exactly as they are. Personally, I consider tapping therapy to be a wonderful treatment for psychological trauma. What great gift can you give a child than unconditional love and acceptance?

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Share your opinion on EFT for kids & parenting below.

EFT for Headaches

Here's A Quick Way To Cure Headache 

Headaches inflict their misery in a variety of ways, from a dull, steady ache to a blinding, throbbing pain. There are unfortunate few who experience near-constant head pain through out their life.

My 6 year old son used to suffer from  headache.  We initially consulted our family physician. He did a complete physical examination and a headache evaluation to do a classification of headache type because the symptoms of his headache somewhat similar to migraine as well as cluster headache.It was simple awful for all of us. We used to feel very helpless even though we were providing available treatment but that wasn't effective.

After thorough examination of his headache history and physical examination, as well as a neurological and psychological assessment, doctor diagnosed that he is suffering from headache due to stress. Actually, he was suffering from staying up too late and not getting enough sleep along with educational pressure & lack of proper nutrition.

We tried various prescribed drugs so that he can get relief from severe pain. Otherwise we used to use peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender for reducing headache pain. He used to respond very well with cold compress also.

This constant  headache started impacting his studies. He stopped participating outdoor games.
We were worried for his health as just keep taking pain medication without thinking why he gets the headache might make things worse, because by covering symptoms we are not solving the problem that causes it. The problem remains the same and even continues to grow.

Sometimes back, we met with an thought field therapist who taught us tapping therapy & affirmation to get quick relief from headache due to stress.

types of headache

7 Tips for easy cure from chronic tension headache 

1. To maintain a headache diary to track when his headache strikes and jot down the details in a diary. It helped us to find out whether he was stressed out before the headaches or he had more or less sleep in previous night.

2. To solve it fast and natural, he advised our son to sit down in a comfortable position in the garden , and then breath inhale and exhale naturally. Most of the times it used to relief headache for an instant.  Breathing is also very good for those who gets headache during air travel.

3. We stopped giving him prescriped and over the counter medicines available in the market to get rid of headache

4. We used to give him cold water along with cold compress to release headache pain.

5. We found light massaging  the "crown" of his  head is very relaxing for him  during extreme pain.

6. We kept a pet dog and our son used to talk to him. This talking worked as a good stress buster for him.

7.  We used to practice tapping therapy along with scripts daily. Regular sessions of 5 minutes did wonder for all of us.  This helped us to attract positive energy in our life and we  started living with a feeling of abundance.

How to do EFT for headache?

Tapping on specific meridian points while speaking with yourself about what is occurring can help you reduce these feelings and episodes. While using EFT, ask yourself about the pain, rate it on a scale of 1-10 and locate where it is coming from. Is it under your eye? Is it above your ear? Is it on the back of your head? Describe aloud the pain you feel repeat this sequence for two, or three rounds if necessary. You can complete the exercise in detail by following the steps at efthub.com.

Taking deep breaths and making a re-evaluation of your pain often can help you determine how many more rounds of an EFT for headaches should be completed. Continue if you are making progress, until your pain reaches zero, or adjust your technique if you feel that the tapping sequence could be altered to suit your needs better.

Emotional freedom techniques are process, which help us achieve extremely personal emotional relief, which leads to physical healing within. Emotional issues are said to be connected to, and able to affect the physiological state our body is in. By learning how to perform these tapping exercises for yourself, you can expect some rapid relief from any type of headache.

How to cure headache in next 5 minutes?

Disclaimer : This is only for information purpose & based om\n my personal experience. Please consult yur doctor before you take steps.

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Leave comments & share your experience or tips on cure of headaches naturally 

EFT to beat depression

Are you suffering from Depression?

Here we'll discuss how by using simple words and distinct tapping techniques, you can adapt your EFT practices to be successful in combating depression, anxiety or grief. By using the mind body connection, you can target specific patters locked in your mind that may be preventing you from moving into positive feelings.


Postpartum Depression
Drug Free Cure!
Don’t Let Them Say You Can’t!

Using EFT for depression can be an effective solution because it uses your intuition in regards to tapping techniques. It is good if you have low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, you procrastinate, or you have any type of an addiction to food, drugs, or drinks.

You can beat the effects of stress and depression just by using your fingertips. Most tapping points exist on both sides of the body so it will not matter which hand(s) you decide to use for your technique practice. Ideally, you should be using the tips of your fingers, not the pads of your fingers, since they have more meridian points. Be sure to trim your fingernails to avoid injury.

Slowly, one block after another can be lifted away, what appears to be depression, and anxiety is nothing more than the ‘down state’ that is caused by being overburdened by many unresolved, highly emotional issues. Take care of yourself and the burdens by removing the foundation from beneath your depression.

How to get over postpartum depression with EFT?

It's estimated that nearly 20% of women suffer from the "baby blues" after the birth of at least one of their children.

Postpartum depression or baby blues have ill-effects for the new mother and the youngster also. It's normal to consult doctor for medication but a reputable cognitive behavior therapist or eft practioner can also help you to relieve the stress or grief without any drugs.

There are three stages of EFT  to deal with postpartum depression.

Stage 1 or Baseline Phase - The new mom will get a chance to go through breathing exercises, which can help her relax when the fears become more prominent during the day.Actually, this is is more like a counselling session. 

Stage 2 or  Treatment Phase-  Tapping therapy starts  and the pressure on the acupuncture points helps to stimulate the nerves in the body.

Stage 3 or the Post-Treatment Phase- This is a feedback session from patient to EFT professional. This phase will determine how many sessions of tapping will be required.

Regular tapping across meridian points  along with affirmations also works very well for people suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), or people suffering from broken relationship or from loneliness.

Emotional coach Lizama shares how you can beat depression & improve self esteem using tapping theory

In summary, you should follow regular tapping therapy along with affirmations to get rid of any depression, mood swing or grief or worries naturally. Even tapping techniques are extremely useful for old people.

EFT for pets

We were familiar with pain relief for dogs using acupuncture and acupressure.  We started using EFT to help our beagle dog for arthritis pain relief once we learned gary craig’s tapping therapy. Later we used eft therapy for our parrot also.  We got good result after regular using it.

Here we'll share our experience on healing pets using emotional freedom techniques

If you notice that you pet or beloved companion seem to be suffering, consider using tapping therapy to remedy the situation. You may also take help from eft practitioners/coach so that you and your pets has good initial experience.

Here is a video by Michelle on how she used EFT therapy on her dog

There are multiple ways that you can use Emotional Freedom Techniques for your pets. 

The first option includes tapping on the pet physically; much like you would for yourself or someone else. Use the major points like the top of the head, side of the eye, under the eye and more. Phrases to use during this time can be simple such as naming the issue.

The second option is to tap for your pet as a form of surrogate tapping. This tends to function the same way, as surrogate tapping for another person would be. EFT is quick and effective for pets, including larger animals like cows, and horses.

By using EFT to change the unwanted behaviors of your pet you can begin building a lasting relationship with your companion. If your pet has anxiety for fears like hiding during thunderstorms, or bad habits like peeing inside or chewing up shoes, emotional freedom techniques for pets can resolve these issues painlessly and easily.

Please visit animals.eftspain.com to download picture along with descriptions on  animal tapping points like dog, cats, horse.

How Proxy Tapping is Effective For Pets?

When you perform EFT to help a pet, obviously, the one focusing attention is you, and you direct it toward the animal you’re working on. As soon as you do, your energy system connects with your pet’s energy system. It’s the connection of the two energy systems that allows you to make changes in your pet or other animal without actually handling him.

We also applied surrogate EFT  successfully for various other dogs, African Gray parrot & macaw . You may read the article from   Ann Castro from Germany to know how she used eft & related affirmations for parrots.

In summary, EFT for animals can be used as alternative medicine for pets health problem but NOT substitute for veterinary treatments.

1. It is a completely harmless, natural, non-invasive therapy. It has proved beneficial in dealing with a wide range of issues in all kinds of animals.
2. EFT can be used in conjunction with veterinary treatment and behavior modification.

Please consult expert before taking any steps. And, consider this article on emotional freedom technique for pets for information purpose not a complete solution.

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Share below your idea ,experience or question on on healing pets using emotional freedom techniques.