Nov 2, 2013

EFT tapping therapy

Do you struggle with emotional issues like depression, anxiety or stress, or even chronic physical issues like pain?

Maria- Tapping Therapist
If you said yes, then you are not alone. Many people suffer from these types of problems, and many people do not want to be chained to costly medications that can cause other health problems or even dull their emotions and personalities.
It is a simple, yet highly effective, all-natural treatment that millions of people just like you have used to alleviate depression, stress, anxiety and pain without any medication or negative side effects.

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Today, our good friend Maria will share her story about her struggles with stress, how EFT helped her gain emotional freedom, and how you can use EFT to relieve the mental and physical that are plaguing your life as well.
I was under tremendous pressure during my medical studies in 2008. As everybody knows medical studies are tough and I was finding the pressure to be too much.

"Just try EFT tapping techniques for freedom from emotional problems like depression, stress, pain etc."

You will learn following from this article how to get over depression ,Tapping therapy for depression, stress, anxiety, EFT techniques for depression, weight loss, pain management ,EFT 4 kids & resources on EFT and Tapping Therapists across the globe.

My parents had run helter-skelter asking different people to free me of this stress. Then somebody told me of an EFT center, which helped me a lot to fight depression & stress naturally.

Here are some great DIY eft video tutorials by Don Milton which I followed.

The EFT center helped me to release my tension through acupuncture techniques. I went to this center once a week and the charges were also nominal, which of course my parents could afford. The ultimate solution was this center and I would say that EFT is a good way to treat stress & depression.

 I even did EFT on myself a few times when I felt overwhelmed with an emotion. I still haven't tried it on my patients, but I'm about to graduate in a month and become a fully-fledged psychiatrist.

EFT technique is one of the ways to beat depression naturally apart from doing exercise, sleeping well, listening music, laughing & reading good book. And I think it's about time to take a risk and start if you are suffering some chronic problems, pain, addiction etc.
"In USA, antidepressants are taken mostly by white women, and their use has increased 400 percent since the early 1990s" - Huffingtonpost

Here is a great resource on beating depression naturally without drugs.

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique i.e. tapping therapy (EFT) is a way of making people aware of different alternative medicines to treat various ailments. People mostly tend to depend on allopathy, but these alternative techniques like thought field therapy, acupuncture etc. are side-effect free treatments.

Scientific explanation by Dr. Tiller on Tapping Therapy eft& Why It Works

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a therapy developed by an ordained minister, Gary Craig, in the 90s. The theory of EFT is based on the Thought Field Therapy of Roger Callahan. Craig’s Emotional Freedom Technique involved acupuncture without using needles.

The therapy claims to have incredible benefits on mental illness and severe or chronic pain or similar diseases as the field of energy present in the body, when disrupted, can create illnesses and negative emotions. Despite a few reviews published in recognized journals of psychotherapy, EFT therapy has now been labeled as pseudoscience.

Similarly if someone is suffering from depression, EFT has gotten good results. The depression may be of a wife, who has lost her husband or a husband who has lost his wife. Men usually don’t show their emotions, but tend to keep them inside. This may lead to serious consequences and one of them is ‘Depression’, which many men tend to ignore.

Some people are not ready to discuss their depression with anybody. So such a center where you meet like-minded people, who are going through exactly what you are going through, can heal you to some extent.

The rest of the task will be taken over by the doctors at these centers, who may recommend some herbal tonics, which will make you feel lighter and burden-free.

Such centers help to break the ice and aid in coming out in the forefront with your problem and nobody will mock at you for anything you say.  In short here you can share any kind of problem and find solutions to them in a natural way rather than the allopathic way.

EFT tapping therapy
EDT tapping points
The fundamental premise of EFT is that our body is a composition of energy and EFT utilized 12 special channels or points of energy also called meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

When a patient is in a session and discussing an area of pain or some negative emotions like “my knee hurts” or “I am depressed due to my financial issues”, the therapist will tap on the meridians with his fingers and restore the disrupted body energy to bring it back to its balanced state. While Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy was specific to a particular order of touching the meridians, EFT isn’t and thus it simplifies the procedure, thereby making this therapeutic technique less complicated and easier to learn.

The EFT center in London is gaining a lot of popularity. The Edinburg center of nutrition and therapy is also very famous. The Vitality Living College in the cities of Mumbai and Hyderabad in India  are also changing peoples’ lives through alternative treatment methods. This form of medication or treatment has no side-effects and that’s the best part.

EFT for Weight Loss

If your relationship with food is unhealthy because you are putting on weight, EFT can be your optimum solution. In fact, the therapy is known to be the easiest and fastest technique that has been found for weight loss. You don’t need any diet pill or needles or any work-outs. All it takes is a little bit of your time, some self-discovery and self-education to learn what your eating triggers are.
EFT is a science and it acknowledges the fact that emotions are the effect of a disturbance in our energy system. Negative emotions lodged within the energy system and resurfacing often can lead to similar experiences.

Food and stress are related. Let us take an example. When I am too stressed, my greatest trigger food is a Baskin Robbins ice cream. I would do anything to have my fill to release my stress, and I have done that a couple of times, but only to realize that stress starts building up again. EFT has helped me overcome this trigger; simply by tapping on the primary meridian points on the body and removing the blocks, I succeeded in freeing my emotions and stress. Of course, it kept my weight in control.

Here is a great article on "am i fat" by our chief editor

EFT for Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

EFT has become a convincing solution to various mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). In the event of any of these complications, whether chronic or not, people should take care of their negative emotions, which may start affecting their health.

EFT has been researched and proven to be a quick, easy and excellent way to treat as well as cure depression.

EFT tapping ensures that all the negative emotions accumulated in your mind, which disrupts the energy system of the body are eliminated. Although the therapy deploys acupuncture, needles are not needed and that saves you from pain too. When the technique is correctly applied, it provides instant relief.

Repeated tapping, in rounds, can discharge you of all your of the negative emotions you have associated with any particulate particular memory

Here is a great video on beating depression with tapping therapy

Are you suffering from depression? 

 Just try beating depression naturally with eft tapping techniques.

EFT for High Blood Pressure

EFT is a system that can help a person to regain good health in the mind, body and emotions. The medical community, of late, has recognized that physical symptoms are directly related to emotions and vice versa, which ultimately disrupts the body chemistry –— this is the point where hypertension and similar ailments enter the system.

An overabundance of stress or tension in our body results in an increased need for blood to be pumped faster to the brain and heart, in order to maintain the speed of the dumping of the toxic hormones that trigger stress into our bloodstream, and to maintain proper oxygen levels, so that you don’t pass out. EFT essentially helps in releasing stress to bring your blood pressure levels down by simply tapping on various parts of the body, followed by positive dialogues like: "Although I am tensed, I love and accept myself". The repeated action will eventually help you to truly accept yourself and release your anxiety and pressure.

EFT for More Energy

Our thought is one of the greatest components of energy. In fact, our whole system is fundamentally energy-based, which keeps us healthy and fit, . EFT is based on the functions of energy re balancing, which is an essential approach for all types of energy medicine. All of the biological processes have a vibrant and pulsating energetic foundation, affected by our thoughts and beliefs. To maximize our energy, the energy meridians should be triggered with EFT tapping techniques.

EFT for Pain Management

EFT is not just a typical acupressure therapy, but it is more of a psychological therapy too, which is based on the principles of energy meridians used in conventional acupuncture for treating emotional and physical ailments.

EFT is a simpler technique in the sense that only simple tapping using fingertips and some positive thoughts can eliminate pain and help in successful management of it.

The combination of tapping the meridians and voicing some motivating and positive affirmation helps to clear out the short-circuit or emotional block from the bioenergy system of the body, thereby restoring the balance of body and mind, which is absolutely essential for maintaining optimal health.

EFT for Insomnia

Insomnia has become a common complaint these days. Stress, daily schedules and family issues lead to poor sleep quality and lack of sleep. With EFT, you can help your emotions subside and leave you sorted. The technique often involves voicing positive affirmations together with tapping, which allows quick healing.

Here  is  a great article by Paul on sleep position to avoid insomnia.

EFT for Kids

EFT is a therapy for kids too. Since the basic premise is acupuncture, parents are often petrified with the thought. However, it is important to note that these techniques can easily help your kids to release their emotions, uneasiness, fears and apprehensions. EFT works well for toddlers, big school goers and teenagers, but it should be carried out by professional therapists.

Click here to  download EFT 4 kids, a manual for parents to teach their kids to tap away sadness, fear, anxiety etc.

EFT for Limiting Beliefs

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Self-limiting beliefs are the greatest hurdles in our lives.

What do you think or believe about your own self?

Do you even realize that your beliefs are literally the screen or filter through which you live your life? 

The best way to determine your beliefs is to stay positive and affirmative.  EFT is particularly helpful for limiting beliefs because it will allow you to change your thoughts completely by tapping the negatives and replacing them with positive thoughts.

Using EFT, you can clear your mind and resolve your personal experiences and negative thoughts.

Here is a list of EFT therapists worldwide

New York EFT, Mark Shepard, CHt, NLPT
EFT Couple Therapists , California & Washington State,
Annabel Fisher, Advanced EFT Practitioner & Trainer, vancouver bc
EFT Practitioners for Buffalo,Luisa: Kim I. ,EFT San Francisco The EFT Tapping Circle , London, UK
Soul Rider BCN -Life Transformation Courses & Meditation
Barcelona, Spain
Peter Royers  , Brussels Area, Belgium Dr. Nili Marcia,Experienced EFT practitioner, Israel
Licensed EFT Practitioners in Singapore EFT Practitioners - The Tapping Solution EFT Masters Worldwide

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