Nov 2, 2013

EFT to beat depression

Are you suffering from Depression?

Here we'll discuss how by using simple words and distinct tapping techniques, you can adapt your EFT practices to be successful in combating depression, anxiety or grief. By using the mind body connection, you can target specific patters locked in your mind that may be preventing you from moving into positive feelings.


Postpartum Depression
Drug Free Cure!
Don’t Let Them Say You Can’t!
Using EFT for depression can be an effective solution because it uses your intuition in regards to tapping techniques. It is good if you have low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, you procrastinate, or you have any type of an addiction to food, drugs, or drinks.

You can beat the effects of stress and depression just by using your fingertips. Most tapping points exist on both sides of the body so it will not matter which hand(s) you decide to use for your technique practice. Ideally, you should be using the tips of your fingers, not the pads of your fingers, since they have more meridian points. Be sure to trim your fingernails to avoid injury.

Slowly, one block after another can be lifted away, what appears to be depression, and anxiety is nothing more than the ‘down state’ that is caused by being overburdened by many unresolved, highly emotional issues. Take care of yourself and the burdens by removing the foundation from beneath your depression.

How to get over postpartum depression with EFT?

It's estimated that nearly 20% of women suffer from the "baby blues" after the birth of at least one of their children.

Postpartum depression or baby blues have ill-effects for the new mother and the youngster also. It's normal to consult doctor for medication but a reputable cognitive behavior therapist or eft practioner can also help you to relieve the stress or grief without any drugs.

There are three stages of EFT  to deal with postpartum depression.

Stage 1 or Baseline Phase - The new mom will get a chance to go through breathing exercises, which can help her relax when the fears become more prominent during the day.Actually, this is is more like a counselling session. 

Stage 2 or  Treatment Phase-  Tapping therapy starts  and the pressure on the acupuncture points helps to stimulate the nerves in the body.

Stage 3 or the Post-Treatment Phase- This is a feedback session from patient to EFT professional. This phase will determine how many sessions of tapping will be required.

Regular tapping across meridian points  along with affirmations also works very well for people suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), or people suffering from broken relationship or from loneliness.

Emotional coach Lizama shares how you can beat depression & improve self esteem using tapping theory

In summary, you should follow regular tapping therapy along with affirmations to get rid of any depression, mood swing or grief or worries naturally. Even tapping techniques are extremely useful for old people.

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