Nov 9, 2013

Stop Smoking Tips

How Can You Stop Smoking Cigarettes Naturally? 

Would you like to know more about quitting smoking naturally? Are you afraid that you’ll turn to a
Smoking Means Burning Money 
harmful substitute?

Have you tried Zyban and Chantie only to find out that these products are affecting your brain chemistry?

Perhaps your boyfriend has recently switch to e-cigarettes to get rid of smoking, but later, you find find out that his intake of nicotine has increased.

Even gums, lozenges and inhalers do not work, and now you’ve likely picked up a new habit as well.

Are You Wondering How I Know All Your Secrets?

I too was forced to experience this frustration when I began working with my husband to stop his 30-year-old smoking habit. He was quite a heavy smoker, it was terrible! It took him 6 months to finally rid himself of the addiction, but thank God! He hasn’t had a cigarette since November 2007.

He no longer suffers from bad smoke odors and morning cough issues. He’s started to appreciate my cook more since his ability to taste and smell has returned to normal. I do not have to clean ashtrays or butts anymore. That was so disgusting.

Our quality of life has gone up so much, and we’ve even benefited financially, by saving $3500 annually.

We recently formed “Good Bye Bad Habit” in 2009. A group dedicated to increasing awareness about issues related to smoking, quitting smoking, and the means to interrupt other bad habits. As a group, we have saved several hundred years of life and several thousands of dollars, just in the last 4 years.

Top Four Reasons for Smoking

First, I like to ask every person aspiring to quit nicotine, “Why do you smoke?” This is an important question because if you don’t know why you’re smoking, you’ll never be able to give it up.

Here Are the 4 Most Common Responses

“I smoke because it makes me feel like a celebrity...”

“I smoke because I like the sound of a lighter clicking or the sound of matching rubbing against the matchbox, and the smell of the spark.”

“I smoke because I enjoy the taste of tobacco.”

“I smoke because it looks smart and I can pretend to be an intellectual while I gesture with a cigarette between my fingers.”

If you want to quit smoking, you need to discover the reason why you smoke.

Let’s See Why the 5 Most Popular Tips to Quit Smoking Don’t Work.

Will this mean that you can’t quit smoking?

No of course not! I assure you, you can certainly quit smoking, and it’s quite easy.

Here are 5 tips for a life without cigarettes INCLUDING ALTERNATIVES (like Nicodemon)

To break a bad habit and establish a new one, it’s critical to understand your brains processing system and work with it, rather than against it.

1. You will need to replace a bad habit like smoking, with a better habit than quitting cold turkey.

Why does this work?

Here, you will take baby steps, which require less mental effort to change the patterns of your habits, instilling change slowly rather than reconstructing it entirely and all at once.

What Should I do?

Start doing exercises such as walking, jogging or swimming. I find that these activities help keep my mind off smoking.

Change your diet. Foods like meat make cigarettes more satisfying. Focus on a diet with cheeses, fruits and vegetables to help rid cravings.

Drinking alcohol, tea, and coffee makes cigarettes taste better. If you start drinking more water and fresh fruit juices, you will soon see that cigarettes really taste terrible. Cranberry juice is excellent and a bottle will cost you less than a pack of cigarettes. It will also help you to remove the alkaloid nicotine from your body and help stabilize your blood sugars for the first 72 hours.

Try to eat smaller portions of food and eat them more frequently.

2. Make a Plan and substantiate the plan with 3 strong reasons for you to stop smoking. The cause could be financial, such as higher insurance premiums, or perhaps your kids need to see he doctor or maybe you’re interested in feeling better and having vibrant health. This offers you the necessary mental trigger, which will keep you motivated.

3. I Recommend Counseling, from either your personal doctor or from a telephone hotline for those who wish to quit smoking. You could also use FDA approved medicines like nicotine replacements or prescription medicine if recommended by your general practitioner.

4. You need to use Visual Affirmations of images that will evoke positive feelings. Whenever an urge comes to you, you ought to take a deep breath and focus your mind on this particular visual image(s). You can also use guided imagery to visualize your lungs growing healthier and healthier each day. Try to imagine breathing in nice clean air, then clearing it out along with other toxins in your body.

5. Use Emotional Freedom Techniques – By using a technique called “tapping”, touching your fingertips to specific points on the body, you can release emotional feelings that you may not even realize you are harboring. Once these pathways of energy are flowing, once again you can frequently “tap” and recite specific phrases to change your persona from that of someone who carries negative energy and a sad spirit, to someone who is jubilant and refreshed. You will soon feel an incredible rush of release and the force you need to complete your goals will come to you.

Dr. Carol Look Psychotherapist  & EFT master explains how EFT an help you to kick bad habits like smoking cigarettes 

Emotional Freedom Techniques are akin to psychological acupuncture. EFT helps people release their fear of letting go of cigarettes and nicotine. Positive affirmations help you to push through these symptoms of withdrawal to succeed in the cessation of smoking.

A Small Secret on How to Stop Smoking

The most difficult part of quitting smoking, is that it is easily available, and always at an affordable price.

You can even borrow cigarettes from friends if you really wanted to.

Smoking tobacco is a physical addiction as well as a psychological one, so its blatant availability is the biggest challenge for those who wish to quit smoking.

I hope you understand the challenges and will begin to make your own plan for how you are going to manage this desire.

How We Plan and Prepare People Who Join Our Group

1. We teach and work with people for the first four steps, for a week, creating a plan to quit smoking and a reasonable timeline for completion.

2. We explain the health benefits over the first week, the first month, and the first year and for ten years after quitting nicotine.

3. We offer assistance with the use of EFT as emotional support for the process. People who use EFT regularly have a higher success rate when they use it to quit smoking.

I am eager to hear from you about your quit day, motivation and plans. Leave a comment below and I will answer your questions within about 48 hours.

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Disclaimer: We are non-profitable group and services are voluntary. This article only represents what we experience. We can’t guarantee anything. You may follow these suggestions based on own risk and judgment.

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