Nov 2, 2013

EFT for Headaches

Here's A Quick Way To Cure Headache 

Headaches inflict their misery in a variety of ways, from a dull, steady ache to a blinding, throbbing pain. There are unfortunate few who experience near-constant head pain through out their life.

My 6 year old son used to suffer from  headache.  We initially consulted our family physician. He did a complete physical examination and a headache evaluation to do a classification of headache type because the symptoms of his headache somewhat similar to migraine as well as cluster headache.It was simple awful for all of us. We used to feel very helpless even though we were providing available treatment but that wasn't effective.

After thorough examination of his headache history and physical examination, as well as a neurological and psychological assessment, doctor diagnosed that he is suffering from headache due to stress. Actually, he was suffering from staying up too late and not getting enough sleep along with educational pressure & lack of proper nutrition.

We tried various prescribed drugs so that he can get relief from severe pain. Otherwise we used to use peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender for reducing headache pain. He used to respond very well with cold compress also.

This constant  headache started impacting his studies. He stopped participating outdoor games.
We were worried for his health as just keep taking pain medication without thinking why he gets the headache might make things worse, because by covering symptoms we are not solving the problem that causes it. The problem remains the same and even continues to grow.

Sometimes back, we met with an thought field therapist who taught us tapping therapy & affirmation to get quick relief from headache due to stress.

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7 Tips for easy cure from chronic tension headache 

1. To maintain a headache diary to track when his headache strikes and jot down the details in a diary. It helped us to find out whether he was stressed out before the headaches or he had more or less sleep in previous night.

2. To solve it fast and natural, he advised our son to sit down in a comfortable position in the garden , and then breath inhale and exhale naturally. Most of the times it used to relief headache for an instant.  Breathing is also very good for those who gets headache during air travel.

3. We stopped giving him prescriped and over the counter medicines available in the market to get rid of headache

4. We used to give him cold water along with cold compress to release headache pain.

5. We found light massaging  the "crown" of his  head is very relaxing for him  during extreme pain.

6. We kept a pet dog and our son used to talk to him. This talking worked as a good stress buster for him.

7.  We used to practice tapping therapy along with scripts daily. Regular sessions of 5 minutes did wonder for all of us.  This helped us to attract positive energy in our life and we  started living with a feeling of abundance.

How to do EFT for headache?

Tapping on specific meridian points while speaking with yourself about what is occurring can help you reduce these feelings and episodes. While using EFT, ask yourself about the pain, rate it on a scale of 1-10 and locate where it is coming from. Is it under your eye? Is it above your ear? Is it on the back of your head? Describe aloud the pain you feel repeat this sequence for two, or three rounds if necessary. You can complete the exercise in detail by following the steps at

Taking deep breaths and making a re-evaluation of your pain often can help you determine how many more rounds of an EFT for headaches should be completed. Continue if you are making progress, until your pain reaches zero, or adjust your technique if you feel that the tapping sequence could be altered to suit your needs better.

Emotional freedom techniques are process, which help us achieve extremely personal emotional relief, which leads to physical healing within. Emotional issues are said to be connected to, and able to affect the physiological state our body is in. By learning how to perform these tapping exercises for yourself, you can expect some rapid relief from any type of headache.

How to cure headache in next 5 minutes?

Disclaimer : This is only for information purpose & based om\n my personal experience. Please consult yur doctor before you take steps.

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